Run Paris has been an innovative community and content creation project developed by Sport Seeds in conjunction with Eurovision Sport, France Television, European Athletics and the organizing Committee of Paris 2020 Athletics European Championships based on:

– creation of powerful, inspirational and authentic human stories reflecting the core values of athletes, by the fans for the fans
« More than storytelling, story making »

– innovative and disruptive distribution plan (Digital Native-UGC Production, Social Media first)

Audience creation within the Athletics community through GDPR complaint data capture and digital dialogue to keep them immersed in the stories and promote Paris 2020.

Run Paris has been cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic.

The concept:

– A unique opportunity within the 2020 European Athletics Championships
Signing up to the 10Km Mass event, participants would have been able to run on a portion of the course of the 20Km event run by the professionals a few hours earlier on the closing day of the 2020 European Athletics Championships 

Among all participants, a few lucky ones would have the unique opportunity to be selected by the Organising Committee of Paris 2020, Eurovision, the national broadcast partner and national athletics federation to participate to a unique journey and disruptive programme: Run Paris.

– An individual challenge in a team dynamics
Being a Run Paris runner meant being part of a team of 10 joggers, composed by 5 women and 5 men of all age categories (18/30, 30/40, 40/50, 50/60, + 60) with any level of performance

A mix of anonymous with powerful and inspiring stories among those already signed up for the 10km and willing to share their stories and personalities from the world of sport, entertainment and media from the national broadcaster ecosystem.

– Coaching and mentoring by the best!

Being a member of a Run Paris team doesn’t only mean to race in the streets of Paris.It means having the opportunity to be coached by national professional coaches from the National Federation « the coaches » and being advised by top national athletes preparing for Tokyo and Paris (provided by National Federation and/or domestics partners) « the mentors ». It’s also being surrounded by personalities and celebrities from sport & media, with the passion of running, too, « the ambassadors ».

– A journey to be shared with participants’ communities: a new digital and social media Series

The participants share their stories from the selection of the team in May all the way to the race itself on August the 30th, in a new genre of digital and social media series, Run Paris, a dedicated platform with innovative and authentic formats, mostly UGC, with some of the episodes and extracts broadcast on the National Broadcasters Channel.

During the months of preparation to the event, the participants will share their personal progression, the exchanges with the team mates, the advises of the pro preparing themselves Tokyo 2020 and the European Championships.

The day of the race, this human adventure, individual and collective will be the object of a new coverage, Social Media and Digital Native and with a post race document.