In the era of digital transformation, it’s game over for passive viewership of traditional television-like sport consumption, time has come for active and engaging fans quest for personalized experience.

From passive to active, from spectator to actor, from viewership to engagement.

Fans demand to bridge the gap with his/her heroes, champions, idols, teams, passions.

Fans want to have their say, expect their words not only to be heard, pretend replies, fulfillment of their requests, grant of their demands.

Interaction, implication, elevation, participation, impact, contribution, experience, personalization are the must have Fan engagement expectations and values.

Time has come for the 2-ways relationship asset introduced by the digital revolution to finally take place widely, massively and commonly.
From one to many to one-to-one direct state of connection.

Sport is with no doubt one of, if not, the most fertile playground to grow and initiate new effective Fan Engagement frontiers.

Sport Seeds develop a catalogue of immersive solutions and innovative concepts in the following domains:

  • Content Creation:
    UGC (User Generated Content) Concepts
    Immersive Shorts Collections
    Archives re-vitalised “second life” formats
    Experiential & Inspirational Series
    Fans Celebrities Sport Competitions & Activations

  • Community Fans/Celebrities Activation Platform Tool and Direct to Fan Ecosystem

  • Innovative brand sport extended wearable products collections 

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